Thermography and comprehensive monitoring solution for press hardening in the automotive industry
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Thermography and comprehensive monitoring solution for press hardening in the automotive industry

juillet 14, 2016

Working with Fluke Process Instruments, German manufacturer Selmatec Systems has developed a comprehensive range of quality control systems for press hardening. The portfolio covers direct and indirect press hardening as well as pressure controlled hardening (PCH). Solutions are provided for various process stages: recognition of double blanks; position control before and after the oven as well as in the press; parts temperature monitoring before and after the press; and temperature monitoring of the tappet guide rails. In addition to vision sensors, Raytek MI3 infrared thermometers and Raytek MP150 infrared linescanners from Fluke Process Instruments are variously used.

Monitoring solution for press hardening Illustration: Areas of interest are checked in real time. Automatic sequences can be configured for alarms, discharge, and line shutdowns. Recipes for different parts are archived.

The linescanners enable inline monitoring of moving blanks and press parts. Scanning the parts at a 150 Hz frequency, they generate thermal images that provide information on temperature uniformity, part integrity (thickness variations, overlapping material), oven performance, die wear, and cooling cycle performance. Even minimal hot spots or cold spots are detected. When parts do not comply with set specifications, the system can prompt automatic alerts and item discharge. This helps reduce downtimes since normal production can usually continue without interruption. 100% of processed parts are monitored in line. Temperature measurement complies with CQI-9 HTSA at a ±1% accuracy. The system is compatible with all controller brands including, for instance, S7-1500. It can be integrated in OPC and customer-specific networks. Featuring an open, scalable software and hardware layout, all Selmatec systems allow for adaptions such as the integration of additional sensors for viewing complex parts in more detail.

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