Raytek MMG7 sensor with 'thin glass' measurement spectrum
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MMG7 sensor with 'thin glass' measurement spectrum

Raytek extends Marathon series for IR temperature monitoring
mars 02, 2012
Berlin - Raytek adds a model for use in the production of thin glass to its Marathon pyrometer series. The new MMG7 sensor measures infrared radiation at a wavelength of 7.9 µm. The technology leader in the field of infrared temperature measurement has precisely adjusted the measurement spectrum to the reflecting medium and to the 300 to 900 °C measured temperature range. At shorter wavelengths, background radiation could distort the results, while surface reflection is too strong in the longer-wave area. The point sensor has an outstanding 100:1resolution, and achieves a precision of ± 1 % and a repeatability of ± 0.5 % or ± 0.5 °C. With a response time of just 120 ms, the device delivers reliable data even in very fast processes.
Raytek Marathon MM Pyrometer Figure: New dedicated infrared pyrometer for glass production - an addition to the Marathon series; various sensors measure temperatures from -40 °C to +2,250 °C
For technological reasons, Raytek follows a policy of diversification. The company does not produce universal sensors but solutions tailored to specific conditions of use. The Marathon series covers a temperature range from -40 °C to +2,250 °C. The series satisfies the most exacting requirements in terms of precision, reliability, flexibility, and ruggedness. The smallest measurement spot size is 1.1 mm. All Marathon pyrometers become operational extremely quickly: the shortest response time is 20 ms. The measuring devices feature simultaneous analog and digital outputs. They can be integrated into automation networks via an RS485 interface. The devices are equipped with a through-the-lens sight and optionally with video or laser sighting. Accessories for the IP65 instruments include an air-purge unit or a ThermoJacket protective casing with integrated air-purge unit and cooling for use in ambient temperatures of up to 315 °C.

Company Background
Raytek GmbH develops and produces infrared sensors under the brands of RAYTEK and IRCON for non-contact temperature measurement within a range from -50 to +3,500 °C. The sensors allow for quick and accurate measurements of surface temperatures without touching the medium. Typical applications include steelworks, glassworks, cement plants, and plastics manufacturing. The Raytek product range includes fixed infrared sensors, infrared linescanners, and thermal imagers. All the devices are suitable for fixed installation in plants and machines and can be integrated into process-monitoring systems via industry-specific interfaces.
Raytek GmbH in Berlin is the European headquarters of the Raytek Corporation, based in Santa Cruz (US), and is responsible for marketing, sales, and service in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Raytek Corporation has almost 50 years experience in infrared temperature measurement and employs approx. 200 people worldwide. In addition to its headquarters in the US, its European headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and a branch in China, regional offices and numerous authorised distributors around the globe ensure customer proximity, rapid service, and individual consultation on site. Raytek is a Fluke company. A sister company in the Fluke Group is DATAPAQ, a world leader in the manufacture of temperature measurement and analysis systems for all types of industrial heating processes.

Jutta Schwelm

Phone: +49 30 478008411
Fax: +49 30 4710251
E-mail: jschwelm@raytek.de
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