Versatile MI3 series expanded: Raytek introduces miniature infrared sensor for ambient temperatures up to 180 °C
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Versatile MI3 series expanded: Raytek introduces miniature infrared sensor for ambient temperatures up to 180 °C

avril 23, 2013

Berlin - Expanding its MI3 series of compact infrared temperature sensors, Raytek introduces the MI3LTH pyrometer for operation in high ambient temperatures without cooling. The sensing head withstands up to +180 °C as it is separated from the electronics. This widens the range of applications for the non-contact systems, enabling, for instance, direct replacement of contact probes measuring temperatures up to 1,000 °C. Moreover, the good thermal protection also allows for cost-efficient solutions where cooling accessories or cooling water cannot be used due to a lack of space or a high explosion risk. The new MI3LTH sensor has of course all the benefits of the MI3 series: small size, plug-and-play capability, compatibility with the full range of digital communication boxes, optionally with Modbus and Profibus interfaces, or an analog communication box with four galvanically isolated analog outputs. The modular MI3 system provides very cost-efficient solutions especially for applications with multiple measuring points since the communication boxes serve up to eight sensors. The introduction of the new MI3LTH sensor completes the digital MI3 series as a follow-up to the successful analog MI series. Possible applications include industrial ovens and dryers, laundries, and the textile industry. Industrial OEMs will find it a versatile, easy-to-integrate temperature measurement solution.

Raytek MI3LTH Pyrometer Figure: The new MI3LTH for industrial ovens, laundries, and the textile industry: separated from the electronics, the sensing head withstands ambient temperatures up to 180 °C without cooling

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