Raytek at the EMO exhibitionInfrared temperature measurement solutions for the metal working industry
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Raytek at the EMO exhibition

Infrared temperature measurement solutions for the metal working industry
août 27, 2013

Berlin - At the EMO 2013 exhibition, Raytek (hall 6, stand C65) will showcase temperature measurement solutions for the metal working industry. The company which markets the renowned Raytek and Ircon brands has been one of the leading providers of non-contact temperature measurement with infrared (IR) sensors for over 50 years. This year's trade show highlight is the new generation of Ircon ScanIR3 infrared linescanners. Additionally, Raytek presents its large program of IR pyrometers for various applications throughout the steel making process - from coke ovens and blast furnaces to annealing mills and coating mills - as well as temperature measurement solutions for foundries, forging mills, and other industrial heat treating facilities. Accurate real-time temperature data supports, among other things, the optimization of oven and roller parameters and the efficient use of coolants, resulting in failure-free operation, consistent product quality, high productivity, and lower energy costs.

Raytek Marathon Infrarotsensor Figure: Infrared sensors - here, a Marathon point sensor from Raytek - continuously measure high temperatures

Interfaces for all common Ethernet and fieldbus systems enable connection to the control level. High-performance accessories such as cooling and air purge enclosures ensure precise measurements even under very harsh environmental conditions. For instance, in controlled cooling areas, where water spray, steam, or dust impede non-contact temperature measurement, ratio thermometers from the Marathon series take accurate measurements even with up to 95% of the target being obscured. IR thermometers with very short response times are used for high-speed processes.

Jutta Schwelm

Tel.: +49 30 478008411
Fax: +49 30 4710251
E-Mail: jschwelm@raytek.de

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