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Applications industrielles - Success Stories

Raytek infrared (IR) sensors have been used successfully in a wide range of industrial applications. While it is impossible to document all of our customer successes, we are working hard to refresh this list regularly.

You can help us! Don’t see your application listed?

Let us know your details and we will work together to find a solution for your unique process.

Polymer Mixing for Plastic Gasket Extrusion
  The use of thermocouples to measure temperature of plastic polymers heated in a hopper is inefficient and inaccurate due to the plastic material buildup on contact thermometers. How did ILPEA Industries reduce batch cycle times and improve yields on a mixing process for plastic extrusion using Raytek Marathon MM?

Camshaft Automotive Camshaft Manufacturing
  After a camshaft is machined, the bearing races and cam lobes have to be heat-treated, which is usually done by induction heating. How can the hardening of lobes on a camshaft be measured?

Hardening RedArrowImage Special Hardening of Head Rails
  After a rail is formed, the rail head is hardened to significantly increase the wear resistance. As a first step in this process, the rail has to be heat-treated, which is typically done by induction heating. How can the hardening of railway head rails be measured?

Steckel RedArrowImage Steckel Mill Temperature Control
  A Steckel Mill, also known as a reversible finishing mill, is similar to a reversing rolling mill with one difference: two coilers enclosed in two furnaces are used to feed the material through the mill. How can you monitor the coil temperatures in a Steckel Mill when the coils are being reduced?

Low-E RedArrowImage Low-E Glass Tempering
  Low emissivity glass is increasingly being used in the building industry due to its energy savings properties. How can a major glass manufacturer measure the true temperature of low emissivity glass during the tempering process?

RedArrowImage Web Monitoring of Semi-permeable Films
  Inside a NiCd or lithium ion battery is a semi-permeable film, which acts as a membrane that allows certain molecules or ions to pass through it by diffusion. How can a semi-permeable film manufacturer know if their film has the correct permeability?

RedArrowImage Hot Spot Detection on Coke Conveyers
  Temperature monitoring for the coke process is essential for safety reasons. How can you automate hot spot detection in coke on a conveyor belt?

Hot RedArrowImage Hot Rollling H Section Steel Beam
  A pre-heated H section steel beam is passed back and forth through a rolling stand until it reaches the correct size and shape. How do you measure temperature at (3) points on a steel beam when the beam is changing in size during the rolling process?

Monitoring RedArrowImage Monitoring of Fiber Optic Preform
  Several kilometers of fiber are drawn from the preform after the preform operation is complete. How do you improve the yield and quality of a fiber optic preform manufacturing process?

Flame RedArrowImage Flame Annealing and Hardening of Metals
  After structural metals and metal shapes are manufactured, certain sections of the metal need to be annealed or tempered. How can flame annealing and hardening of metals be accurately measured?

Incineration RedArrowImage Incineration of Chemical Waste
  To avoid any harm to the environment from chemical waste, it is incinerated in a rotary kiln at very high temperatures. What is the most reliable way to monitor short rotary kilns used to incinerate chemical waste that rotate at extremely slow speeds?

Investment RedArrowImage Investment Casting
  Investment casting of precision alloy components requires an alloyed metal to melt under vacuum and be held at a stable temperature, prior to casting into the pre-heated mold. How can you improve process control and reduce cost in the investment casting process?

Temperature RedArrowImage Temperature Measurement during Epitaxial Deposition
  Many processes involve heating methods which can affect temperature measurement. How do you monitor the temperature of a silicon wafer accurately without background temperature affecting the measurement?

Web RedArrowImage Web Monitoring of Extruded Polycarbonate
  A customer wants to monitor and control the polycarbonate film thickness by controlling the pressure and temperature of chrome rolls used to extrude polycarbonate for the electronics (CD) and construction (high grade plastics) industries. How can you control the film thickness in a polycarbonate extrusion process?
Induction RedArrowImage Induction Heating for Thread Rolling of Aerospace Fasteners
  Thread rolling of bolts can require that the blank work piece is heated by an induction field prior to rolling. How can correct sighting through a small aperture be ensured between induction coils, to prevent overheating of the fastener prior to rolling the thread?

Swaging RedArrowImage Swaging of Aluminum Tubes
  Swaging is a forging process in which the dimensions of the aluminum tube are altered using a die. How do you measure the temperature of the end of an aluminum tube that is induction heated prior to swaging?


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