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EC150 Thermal Imaging System
ES150 Thermal Imaging System

Industry Applications - Packaging, Paper & Converting

Raytek infrared temperature measurement systems are used in industrial packaging, paper, and converting processes
Infrared Temperature Measurement in Paper Processing, Packaging and Converting
Raytek noncontact infrared thermometers are used in many steps of paper production and processing where temperature monitoring is critical to productivity and product quality. Note that our product recommendations are based on the most common applications, for specific needs please contact our application engineers.

Process Imaging and Monitoring System for Extrusion Coating and Laminating
The Raytek EC150 Extrusion Coating System is an automated surface inspection system that detects wavy or torn edges, monitors width, and insures proper web temperatures for strong film-to-substrate adhesion in plastic film extrusion processes. Temperature data can be saved as a graph or thermal image and printed or saved for future analysis. Early detection of imperfections improves product quality and increases profitability by reducing scrap.

Web Process Imaging System
The Raytek ES150 Sheet Extrusion System monitors the temperature distribution of moving webs in the manufacture of paper and plastic, as well as a broad range of other industrial applications. Users can define and configure any number of measurement sectors across the web surface and visualize the data as a line graph or thermographic image. Through the use of OPC (OLE for Process Control), the ES100 System can communicate with many process control systems for automated monitoring.

What are the benefits of using Raytek IR sensors?
  • Automated process control
  • Improved Quality
  • Increased product uniformity
  • Reduced production costs and downtime


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